Jun. 1st, 2009

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Ok sunglasses time while I try and decide what colours to put up here. I like shades of purple but got fed up with that over at lj, tried greens and blues but that didn't work either. I really need to tone it down but find shades I like, it doesn't help that I really like bright colours that tend to clash!

LOL I also need to think up some titles for this as well. I want it to be a bit different to the old lj, which I won't be getting rid of anytime soon as I have a permanant account, so maybe time to haul out some of my other interests besides Hugo. I remember I had this much trouble when I was doing the lj and that needs a colour change as well, not to mention new pictures and mood themes. I do like the mood theme here, little pink bats, not my colour but they are cute all the same. Time to sleep on this lot I think.

Need more icon pics too.....
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So I've managed to create my home page (or at least a front page) and have uploaded a few icons. I like the way you can create the icon as you go at least for sizing the picture, which meant that two of my pictures I didn't have to crop and re size before uploading.

I still have to think about my colour scheme but this is a start.

edit: I'm still getting a message that my homepage hasn't been created yet, have no idea where to find it or set it up.

crossposting failed but at least I found out what I was doing wrong there.


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